Dos Chinos began it's fusion fare journey on wheels, making quite the impact on the foodie community with their creative cuisine. Their first brick and mortar location found its home within Downtown Santa Ana's popular food hall, 4th Street Market. Hop and his team, including co-owner Viet Tran, have managed to redefine popular foods we all know and love. As two "Chinos" with Vietnamese upbringings, Hop and Viet were inspired by the flavors surrounding them. Despite their Asian roots, they were living in an epicenter of outstanding Mexican grub, and couldn't surpass the opportunity to combine the two. Dos Chinos has grown immensely in popularity and provides Orange County locals and travelers alike with some of the most addicting, unique, and satisfying eats around.  



Mexican and Latin flavors are combined with the fresh and classic dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. Whether it's seafood, red meat or chicken you crave, Dos Chinos has their own take on preparation for each. Spices of Mexico swirl with sauces and flavored rices inspired by traditional Vietnamese dishes, and crispy french fries are often introduced as a signature Dos Chinos twist. Tacos and Burritos will leave your tummy stuffed, and the lobster elote will make your head spin. Customize your order with add-ons such as fried eggs, grilled corn, and more. With a menu this unique, creativity is highly encouraged.



2 Taco Plate: choice of 2 corn tacos, DC salsa verde, cabbage, onions & cilantro

Burrito: fresh flour tortilla, choice of meat, chimichurri jasmine rice, cabbage, DC salsa verde, onions, and cilantro

Bowls: chimichurri jasmine rice, choice of meat, cabbage, cotija cheese, DC salsa verde, onions, and cilantro

Stoner Papas: shoestring french fries, DC asada, bolsa roast pork belly, chorizo fried rice, sunny side up fried egg, DC salsa verde, onions, and cilantro


Santana Chicken: vietnamese chimichurri chicken, carmelized onions, and sweet peppers

Hollywood Chicken: coconut panang curry chicken, fried yams, tamarind, and cabbage

Westminster Carnitas: vietnamese pork butt carnitas, cabbage, pineapple, pickled carrot and daikon, southeast asian salsa verde, onion and cilantro

Bolsa Pork Belly: 5 spiced roast pork belly, pickled daikon and carrots, cabbage

Dos Chinos Asada: vietnamese chimichurri angus beef

Oahu Shrimp: garlic shrimp, pineapple, crema, and cabbage

Irvine Shrimp: dulche de leche, chili lime roasted walnuts, cabbage, onion and cilantro

Dos Chinos

2222 Michelson Drive, #204

Irvine, CA 92612